iPhone Screen Repair West Auckland

If your iPhone isn’t performing at its best, it can seriously dampen productivity. TechnoFIX technicians are here to help with expert iPhone repair services that can get your mobile back up and running in no time. We fix problems such as broken screens, speaker issues, no signal and faulty buttons.

1. Broken Screen

A cracked iPhone screen is a common problem for many smartphone owners. A small crack may not seem like a big deal, but over time it will worsen and eventually disrupt touch capabilities. It can also allow moisture to get in and cause further damage to the phone, resulting in more expensive repairs.

A reputable repair service will use genuine Apple parts for an iPhone screen repair west Auckland, maintaining the quality and performance of the device after repair. They will offer a convenient walk-in or call out service, meeting you in your workplace, home or other location and working there and then to make an expert repair. They can even provide an iPhone 11 replacement screen for you to take away with you on the same day.

2. Damaged Speaker

If your iPhone speaker isn’t working properly, it can put a dampener on your productivity. If you’ve spilled liquid on your device, it could leave a sticky residue on the mesh that covers the speaker, leaving sound muffled and distorted. Our iPhone repair technicians will remove any stuck film and restore your speaker to full functionality. Alternatively, we can provide an Apple speaker replacement for you if necessary. We use only genuine Apple parts. We are an authorised service centre.

4. Battery Issues

If your iPhone isn’t holding a charge or draining quickly, it can put a serious dampen on your productivity. Thankfully, TechnoFIX can resolve your battery issues with an iPhone battery replacement that takes just 20 minutes to complete. Likewise, volume or home buttons that aren’t responding can be fixed with a simple button replacement, usually taking only 10 minutes.

A black screen often results from software glitches and can be resolved by restarting your device or ensuring the battery isn’t depleted. If a reboot doesn’t solve your issue, it is likely caused by the iPhone screen itself and will need to be replaced. Our glass only iPhone repair option is a cheaper alternative to replacing the whole display. This involves removing the cracked glass but leaving the OLED and touch function intact.

5. Faulty Buttons

If your volume or home buttons aren’t working, we can fix it with a replacement flex, which only takes 30-60 minutes. We can also fix issues with the earpiece or microphone with a new mic flex.

Ghost touch can often be fixed with a digitizer replacement. If you’re still having problems, bring it to one of these guys before you take it to Apple.

A well-reviewed third-party repair shop like Techyuga can offer a safe and reliable alternative to the Apple Store. These companies offer several advantages, including lower prices and faster repairs. They also offer warranty coverage for their work. If you’re not satisfied with the results, they’ll give you your money back. They aren’t in the business of selling you a new iPhone, they’re in the business of fixing it.

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